Rome Statute
Part 9: International Cooperation and Judicial Assistance

Article Art. 96
Contents of request for other forms of assistance under article 93


A request for other forms of assistance referred to in article 93 shall be made in writing. In urgent cases, a request may be made by any medium capable of delivering a written record, provided that the request shall be confirmed through the channel provided for in article 87, paragraph 1 (a).


The request shall, as applicable, contain or be supported by the following:


A concise statement of the purpose of the request and the assistance sought, including the legal basis and the grounds for the request;


As much detailed information as possible about the location or identification of any person or place that must be found or identified in order for the assistance sought to be provided;


A concise statement of the essential facts underlying the request;


The reasons for and details of any procedure or requirement to be followed;


Such information as may be required under the law of the requested State in order to execute the request; and


Any other information relevant in order for the assistance sought to be provided.


Upon the request of the Court, a State Party shall consult with the Court, either generally or with respect to a specific matter, regarding any requirements under its national law that may apply under paragraph 2 (e). During the consultations, the State Party shall advise the Court of the specific requirements of its national law.


The provisions of this article shall, where applicable, also apply in respect of a request for assistance made to the Court.

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